1F Living Room, 2F Dining Room, 3F Reading Room

Different design concepts, diversified spatial atmospheres.

A composite space starts from home.


1F walkingbook Living Room

The ground floor houses the Living Room, a space designed on the basis of the geological contours and a must-visit destination in Dadaocheng. In a relaxing mode, the Living Room unwinds urban souls for drinking, conversation or enjoying solitude away from noises. The Living Room proudly serves a delicate local selection of professionally roasted coffee beans, small-estate teas, and craft beers. Wine lovers are invited to taste our sommelier-curated collection from the worldwide.

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2F walkingbook Dining Room

Dining Room provides Mediterranean cuisine featuring the cookery of Greece, Spain, southern France and Italy in the Mediterranean Europe. With main ingredients including vegetables, fruits, fish, grains and beans, and olive oil, this diet is famous for low fat, high fiber and disease prevention.


3F walkingbook Reading Room

Sitting, reclining, sprawling or curling up, here you can enjoy reading in one hundred different ways. A relatively silent place in the city beats out rhythms of solitude among noises. As Einstein would prefer, the happiest moment is the enjoyment of solitude.


What we want to present, is a fun and creative space rich in history and culture, in this vibrant city.

You are invited to enjoy a moment of serenity and reading up in the Reading Room. With noises settled, thoughts calmed, it brings a true moment with your inner self. Afterwards in the Living Room, aperitif and appetizers with friends will ready your taste buds for the exquisitely prepared meals.

Or, let a pre-meal cup of Joe brings back youthful dreams and talks of life directions with your friends in the Living Room. Our carefully selected wines certainly are also good companions for after-meal cozy chats.

In walkingbook, we invite every customer to shed worldly burdens, find your most comfortable self and spot, and enjoy a moment of freedom.